Red Desert – Featuring Hansen, Craig, Mumford and Yoder 2

We decided to head to the desert and get away from it all with Josh Hansen, Christian Craig, and Factory Connection (Geico Honda) amateurs Carson Mumford and Hunter Yoder. Sit back and enjoy the sound of screaming RS-9T twins and some sick sunset whips in an endless summer vibe. Bring your own wieners!

Credit: Yoshimura

Klinger Klinger 5/17/2020 11:38 AM

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It was an okay video, the title is horrendously misleading, same as the description of the video.
It was made to sound as if these guys were going free riding in the hi-Dez ...... this was a broad age spectrum of riders with phenomenal talent that wouldve made for a much better video if this was anything other than lowkey testing session/video shoot of Factory Honda riders on Racetiwn 395's SX and Outdoors track.
Always have to give thanks to anybody providing new video content for sure....... just wish it had been a video of this exact same group doing some hi-Dez natural terrain free riding. Great editing skills and shooting angles

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