Ride-Along: A Lap of the USGP at Glen Helen 20

Ready for a lap of this weekend's USGP course? It's possible that Glen Helen has never had more spit 'n polish.

GuyB 5/28/2010 2:33 PM

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Its not the EF. Since Yamaha moved the air filter front you can here the bike sucking air. its a crazy sound to get used to.

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That is the single best on-board video I've ever seen. No other riders / bikes to mess up the sound. I found myself just saying over and over again - "bad ass". hahahaha. Listening to that bike pull up those hills was freakin . . . well, bad ass.

I've got a question though, what was that weird air sound when he's be coasting downhill or into turns? I'm assuming it was just the wind but was wondering if it was that weird noise everyone says the 2010 EFI YZ450 makes. Can anyone enlighten me?

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