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Before there was another option, we all started riding on a 50, whether that be a PW, CRF, DR-Z, KTM, or Cobra (or if you were particularly lucky, a Polini). Yet, for some kids, particularly very young kids, those bikes could be too much, too fast. The whole thing could backfire and turn a kid off to riding altogether.

Stacyc, now partnering with KTM/Husqvarna, offers an even simpler, lighter, less intimidating choice that could be a better first-bike-option and get more kids excited about riding motorcycles. You can now order these 'stability cycles' from any KTM or Husqvarna dealers.

Credit: Klinger

Klinger Klinger 8/21/2020 7:39 AM

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Sure would be nice if they could may be produce one less and sell me a battery that has been out of stock since August. To me, it's pretty bad they will keep pushing new ones and won't sell extra batteries people need. Maybe I should just buy another 650 bike for its battery. And it's something like 150 dollars for a 12v battery that looks like a Harbor Freight drill battery that I'm willing to pay for

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I love these and how they will be progressing young riders, but one question......... Why have the brake lever on the wrong side from a big bike? Same deal with the PW's. I reroute the cables to get them used to using the front brake on the throttle side. Curious to what the thought process behind that one is.

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The throttle is traditional , twist and go . The younglings can focus on the throttle while some little fingers can’t quite reach the lever yet . Some like it , some don’t . It can be moved to the throttle side if need be tho .

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As a motocross trainer one of the things I have to work on with new riders is getting their butt's off the seat. STACYC riders learn this at a very young age and it becomes automatic with them when they transition to bigger bikes.

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