Swap's Crash 6

It's somewhat ironic that it was a year ago this week that we visited David Bailey's house and did the Stand For Something Video. Last weekend TWMX's Donn Maeda suffered a crash that KO'd him and left him with a concussion, but here he mak

GuyB GuyB 2/12/2008 9:24 AM

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Those tractor tires are appropriate as corner bumpers if you're racing trucks or saloon cars. To have them anywhere near where motorcycles are raced is just about criminal. The track operators need to pull their heads out of their rear ends and get them off the track. Glad you're ok Don.

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I've worked at magazines before and there's a lot of pressure from advertisers. When it comes to safety issues, you can't beat around the bushes as an editor. Good job, Don. Stick by your guns, it's not only important for the mag's integrity, but it's important the readers/riders know. Thanks Maeda.

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Maybe if there were some fencing leading up to it...or leave the tire where it is and move the corner to the outside of it.

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Milestone need to rethink those tires. I almost tore off my leg on the backside of the main track on that one rutted corner. Liability with it is enormous. I don't want another track closed due to it.

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Don't know what class that was, but props to Swap for making a stand.

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