MX Songbird with Ryan Surratt 7

A skilled rider can make a bike sing, but it's especially sweet when it's a 125 two-stroke. Ryan Surratt just qualified for the B class at Loretta's on his YZ125, and if this doesn't get the motocrosser in you fired up, we're not sure what will.

Credit: Kyle Cowling

elmo elmo 6/25/2013 10:50 AM

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Sounds like his throttle is stuck and he's riding with the kill button. INSANE and I loved every second of it.

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Went to high school with "wild Willie". Cool guy, hope to see his kid make a name for himself.

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They don't come any cooler or more real than Willy. Guy has done it all seen it all and definitely knows what's up.

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Its a shame they let the fourstroke take over the sport with that advantage. Nothing against the four. But seriously the best riders in the world at the gate with factory tuned or raced tuned two strokes. Reving the deepest poonie out of the engine is the best thing ever to hear and watch. Nothing can compare , nothing. Remember the days bubba and rc and reed and the guys rode their two smokers on the edge. AMA should rethink and find a solution to bring two stroke back. And the manufactures should to, cheaper way to race and closer racing probably.

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That's pretty bad ass to see that name haulin' ass! Willie Surratt made AXO gear famous for me in '87!

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