Vital MX Pit Stop: Faster USA 4

If you're a supporter of "Made in the USA" products, then we've got a Pit Stop for you. We recently swung into Faster USA to see how they go about building their wheelsets and their in-house hubs. Expanding their range past every major full-size dirtbike, their now pushing into the mini market heavily and offering a ton of options to get you rolling on some fresh hoops. Click above to hear owner Colin Hinks chat with us about what the company is about and what their up to currently.

Credit: Michael Lindsay

C50_profile_1424660203 ML512 6/14/2017 6:22 PM

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Colin is great to deal with and highly respectful to his customer's. If you want "one on one service", high quality and fair pricing...give him a call.

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Really like the pit stop series, please keep them coming! Also would have been nice to see their cnc in action.

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