Vital Tech Tip: Keeping Your 2-Stroke Alive 2

With the interest in two-strokes on the rise in the past few years, there are some key tasks to check either on your personal bike or when purchasing a two-stroke. Grab a note pad and pencil and check out these key steps to keeping your two-stroke alive!

Credit: Brad Resnick

B_Rez991 B_Rez991 4/24/2020 12:39 PM

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Great stuff. How about popping a video up on the importance of performing a leak-down test? Keep up the great work!

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This was really informative. Thank you for putting this together. If you haven't already would you be open to a jetting tips segment for 2 strokes? Defining the jets, which jets do what and how to diagnose and change settings. Also some tips on cleaning carbs on 2 strokes. I ride a 2003 RM250 and am learning this stuff as I go. Thanks again.

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