1990 Atlanta SX 7

It doesn't get any better than this.

ocscottie 12/8/2008 11:04 AM

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Man this is some real racing! Fuck the flow and rythm of these days SX! This makes only for a gay jump show...! Bring back the hardcore un-rythm sections and wide open straights where You HAVE to use the whole track to survive! cause if You don't a whoop will kick You off the bike or another rider will take care of it! oooh... in order to have these kinda races You need riders with balls too that won't just settle for second and third and be happy with their 5million bucks they make!

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ocscottie.... THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!... f' yea!!! this is the good ol days... when you won races cause you were a bad ass.... not cause you ran, worked out, and had 2 million dollars worth of traing and support to get you in shape... you just rode hard and party'd after!... dont get me wron, I like SX today.... a lot... but I really appreciate the 80's - 90's... actually, I love every year dirtbikes have been on earth!

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