MX Nation - Season 5 Trailer 3

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Credit: Red Bull

GD2 GD2 8/30/2019 11:56 AM

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I think the US Riders race far to much. They do Supercross then outdoors then the top riders are wanted everywhere for World Supercross and when thats finished its time for the US Supercross series. The top US riders seem to be retiring younger and younger and any top Europeons seem to end up not racing Nations Races even though there is no doubt there are still top riders. Many factors for me do not align and the gap is getting wider and as most riders in the US have said they have short racing careers and any money they do make is in Supercross. I expect the situation to only get worse unless there is change. Assen is a man made track on top of the Assen road racing circuit of deep, deep sand and as rough as it gets. It is hard to see past a Dutch or Belgium win at the Nations.

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It's a shame neither France nor USA are sending their fastest riders this year, that said I think USA have a legitimate shot at the top spot this year.

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