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Added reply in a thread Has the Webb train derailed? 1/15/2018 6:40 AM

Holy shit some of the people in this thread are assholes...

Added reply in a thread Nico Izzi getting in "race shape" for Nationals 1/8/2018 9:23 PM

What a cool list. the mod class even had Taylor Robert around 30th. Cool to see what those guys turned into

Added reply in a thread GuyB/ML512's 2018 Bikes of Supercross discussion 1/6/2018 12:04 PM

I just downloaded that pic to post in here. By far the best looking bike of them all!

Added reply in a thread TM motorcycles - esp. MX 300 12/22/2017 2:09 PM

I have a 2014 TM MX 300. It's an absolute beast! One of the fastest stock bikes I've ever ridden. The finish of the bike is second to none. You really can't go wrong with that bike. Here in Europe parts are becoming more easily available, and the number ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2018.5 Husqvarna Rockstar Edition = $10,699 12/9/2017 12:27 PM

I hope they fire the bodywork designer. It is the ugliest bike since the italian husky 449

Added reply in a thread Post Pictures of Your Husqvarna Bikes! 11/16/2017 4:23 AM

Added reply in a thread Chad reed wouldn't sign my replica front plate 11/12/2017 9:42 PM

boo hoo

Added reply in a thread Knee Braces 10/30/2017 4:27 AM

I've had asterisk for the past couple of years and bought POD braces last month. I absolutely love them! They are less bulky and seem to hold my knee together much better than the asterisk did.

Added reply in a thread KTM with flo yellow plastics? 10/30/2017 12:29 AM

Don't do it. They're so ugly

Added reply in a thread J-Law #1 10/4/2017 7:38 AM

Is he still active on social media or has he gone underground again?

Added a comment to AB884's bike check 9/3/2017 5:15 AM

Cool bike, would love to try one someday

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Started new thread FOX V3 Helmet shell sizes 8/18/2017 10:03 AM

I Have a question regarding the FOX V3 Helmets. What sizes share the same shell? Can i put a Small liner in the Medium helmet?

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Added reply in a thread KR94 is back... 7/21/2017 2:01 AM

Dumb of the day

Added reply in a thread New arrival at the Yamaha Headquarters LA today. 450f 7/21/2017 1:29 AM

TM style

Added reply in a thread Opinions on 2018 YZ Rims 7/19/2017 1:54 AM

It's 2011, but 2013 had them too

Added reply in a thread Facebook market place sad of the day 7/17/2017 3:18 AM

sweet ride!

Added reply in a thread R.I.P. Isle of Man Riders 6/8/2017 10:16 PM

The most badass race in the world. The deceased riders knew the risk and were willing to pay the ultimate prize doing what they loved. I couldn't imagine going out in a better way than ball to the wall fast. Sad for their families though. RIP

Added reply in a thread Northwest hybrid endurocross!! 5/10/2017 11:43 AM

Cool idea

Added reply in a thread whats been the best AND worst bike you ever owned? 4/14/2017 1:14 AM

Best bikes I have owned is kind of a tie between the 2014 KTM SX 250 and the 2016 Husqvarna FC 450 and maybe my 2004 SX 200. The worst bike I have personally owned was my 2008 KX 250, it didn't ride badly but we have never had this much trouble with ... more »