The surprise of the week was seeing Ryan Villopoto load up in his van and come to Vegas to lineup.

Due to Cooper Webb being in the field, RV had to add a little something to his number plate.

RV's YZ450F is fairly stock but he was loaned a set of works KYB suspension by the factory Yamaha team.

The Pro Circuit exhaust is also a team spec pipe, a bit different from the customer spec.

Outside of those two goodies; RV's engine has a Hinson clutch, high comp piston and ignition...but is stock otherwise. The bike itself is not a team spec bike but his personal loaner bike.

Pennywise amping up the crowd prior to the race.

Alpinestars latest version of the Tech 10 was on hand with a special edition for Monster Cup, which you can now buy.

Support the boobies with Scott goggles.

We really, really want to try one of these drool worthy Amsoil CRF150Rs...

The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC team had a different look for Monster Cup.

Blake Baggett must be looking for some serious low-end grunt, look at that headpipe!

Compared to the standard spec that Benny Bloss uses.

Do the 29 proud Benny, do it proud.

Benny is a big guy and is a little rough on his exhaust with his legs...

Wire tying the spokes together is a great way to eliminate one flying out and getting jammed if it were to break mid race.

See the cross member on the front of the frame here? This isn't standard, KTM has added this on their factory 450 frames and for the Rocky Mountain team...that's a big change.


Data acquisition system aboard Justin Barcia's YZ450F.

Little different then the reel-based systems we've more commonly seen on the forks.

Bottom mount for the rod.

Keeping the battery topped off, just incase.

Handguards for JB in Vegas...hmmm...

The factory Yamaha guys are running one beefy front brake disc guard.

Some side-by-side action between Brian Deegan and Axell Hodges.

Vegas local, BJ Baldwin.

Axell Hodges won the best whip competition.

Pro FMXer Dereck Beckering is the son of the late BMX racer Rod Beckering, who passed away a couple weeks ago. Back in the day, Rod and our own GuyB were teammates on the SE Racing squad, and Rod is actually the one who gave GuyB his nickname. Dereck honored his dad with a set of gear that paid homage to his dad’s BMX roots

Burn it down!

Nick Wey and his son Vincent are here for thee KTM Jr. Challenge.

The AJE team showing off their new partnership with Gas Monkey energy.

Forum member, Justin Starling, laying it down on his Gas Monkey/AJE Motorsports Husqvarna.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki team went for a new look at Monster Cup.

Eli Tomac continues to outfit his KX450 with KYB suspension.

Interestingly, he has tested and opted to keep the 20mm axle from the prior year bike...

Eli's works KYB shock, featuring a larger compression adjuster with high and low speed compression adjustments, and low speed rebound.

While Savatgy's machine has Showa's BFRC onboard.

Joey Savatgy and Tyler Bowers on Showa, have opted for the newer 22mm axle like the stock 2019 model comes with as standard.

KHI provided ignition case.

Data acquisition port on the 2019 Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450.

What's missing on the link arm? The team's sensor for shock travel and usage.

Along the base of the Pro Circuit can they add a guard/support for the legs to grip against and not crush/bend in the base of the can.

Tyler Bowers has been busy helping Kawasaki with their 2019 testing over the Summer and is on a full-prepped team bike at this race.

While Savatgy and Tomac's machine had stock engine hangers and mounts, Bowers machine has some titanium front mounts.

Malcom Stewart's Bullfrog Spas/Smartop Honda CRF450R.

Unbranded X-Trig ROCS clamps are found aboard the MCR bikes.

Check out the wire tie running from the headpipe stud to the sparkplug cap.

While the rear hub is Talon, the front is a polished down stock hub.

Factory Chassis Parts is the supplier of the engine mounts found on Malcolm Stewart's MCR Honda, along with some of the other aftermarket engine mounts found around the pits.

Cutting a little weight by keeping the sideplate graphic cut to a minimum.

Lil HRC goodies, with a titanium shift lever on the MCR machine.

Sunstar does make the stock sprockets for Honda and they also sponsor the MCR team, but it's still a bit of an eye raiser to see their stock sprocket and not their aluminum version onboard.

Gaerne is always hooking up Malcolm Stewart with something special.

Marvin Musquin is the defending champion, thus a little different look for this weekend.

If you take a close look, you can spy the ghosted 25 inside the silver 1 of Musquin's machine.

From everything we've heard around the KTM camp, their newest rider Cooper Webb is clicking right along with the crew and the pre-season is going smoothly.

Small visor extender on Marvin Musquin's Airoh helmet.

This year's track features two sand roller sections. Check out Josh Grant in Fly Racing's latest LE gear that debuted this weekend.

Joey Savatgy makes his 450 debut tonight and the debut of Just1's gear as he signed a near head-to-toe deal with the brand as they push into the US market.

The GEICO team didn't have any pros in attendance, but had all three of their amateur Amsoil riders racing.

We heard that after a good practice day on Thursday, Jason Anderson decided he wanted to lineup for this weekend's race.

JA's bike has the most standard length FMF headpipe.

A happy RV is a dangerous RV.

Marvin Musquin hammering, is this power slide David Vuillemin approved? DV is Musquin's new riding coach if you hadn't heard.

Carlos Rivera is back on wrenching duties after a year as the team's data acquisition guy. This is also Ian Harrison's first year in the team manager roll at Red Bull KTM.

Justin Barcia rocking Alpinestars Monster Cup limited edition boots and gear.

Seth Hammaker is Team Green's main rider in the amateur All-Stars this weekend and we believe he has a deal to go pro with Pro Circuit in the near future.

No BFRC here, as Reed is running a traditional Showa shock.

After years of running crossbar handlebars, Chad Reed went to a non-crossbar last season on his own program and has stuck that way with Pro Taper and JGR.

Might need a fresh coat of paint on the tank cover.

JGR produces their own link arm and bell crank to tweak the ratio on the back of the RM-Z450.

Reed's JGR machine has a pretty unique looking top engine hanger.

Hmm, what's the toggle switch in the airbox do? We'd guess it's related to data acquisition.

Taylor Allred is one of two girls in the Supermini field and was just signed by Orange Brigade KTM.

TLD has one pro rider in participation, as Jordon Smith took on a 450 for the Monster Cup. They also have their amateur rider, Derek Drake, in the Amateur All-Stars.

The nets are back.


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