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Austin_Rankin Austin_Rankin
9/8/2019 7:37 PM

Havent rode mine yet, i have heard negative things and positive things. However im excited regardless.

I just want to be the safest i can, if there is anything that makes a drastic improvement for this model, and your either going to sell it or you have it and know about it i would like to know as well.

It sure doesnt seem like many people use this model and companies put it last on the list to make aftermarkets for, very little testing, and re-search seems like its gone into this for outdoor use.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or parts.

interested in knowing what will malfunction and what normally wears, other than the typical, engine covers and what ever else.

please and thanks.

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Hickory88 Hickory88
9/8/2019 8:09 PM

So you just bought a new Rmz 450?

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yz133rider yz133rider
9/8/2019 9:11 PM

Install a primary drive gold x ring before even riding it. Stock stretches badly.

Remove judder springs from behind clutch plates. Improves clutch feel and action massively. No more creep or drag or flame outs in corners.

I suggest ride engineering front brake caliper also. HUGE improvement. Biggest single change ive made to a bike. Also installed braking pads at same time.

Having suspension revalved made a huge change also. Bikes incredibly plush and balanced now. I liked it stock but way more plush now.

Evo industries has the settings dialed for the suspension.

Other than that, nothing wears out lol. Im on my 3rd rear tire and other than oil changes and filters not a single other wear item. The steering stem came loose once which was odd. Took it apart repacked with grease and tightened back up. No issues there.

The bikes incredibly easy to ride smooth and fast. The way it corners, the way the engine puts down power its ridiculous. 3rd gear around most tracks and just be smooth. It's a fun bike to ride.

Everyone of my friends who rides it, enjoys it. They always come back impressed. Few simple tweaks and was night and day improvements.

I also installed pro taper evo bars. Oem husky bend way better for me. Might try the windham bend on it next. The stock bars were super low for me.

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Hickory88 Hickory88
9/8/2019 9:43 PM

I have a pro circuit linkage and put a Kyb rear shock on that helped out tremendously plush and no harshness. And the bike was way stiff no flex bought FCP motor mounts and that made way more flex entering and exiting corners. You can tell in a few corners the difference. The bike came with vortex ignition and that helped out with more over rev. Other then that I like the bike now with the suspension updated. EVO industries did a great job on it love the way it handles now. Could use electric start but other then that good bike for the money.

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Rotaholic Rotaholic
9/9/2019 12:22 AM
Austin_Rankin wrote:

Havent rode mine yet, i ...more

Tear it all down and regrease and torque everything, then go and put 10 hours on it, let everything wear and break in and report back. There's a heap you could do, but honestly the bike rips out of the box.

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Gryan128 Gryan128
9/9/2019 4:50 AM

Just ride it. The bikes are solid. As suggested earlier, after a few hours you’ll know where you want to improve. I went with a rear link first which helped the bike in corners for me. Next I had racetrch do the suspension. Everything after that was just personal preference stuff like bars & grips. The bike gets a bad rep, but most of the people bagging on it have never ridden one.

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Ryan598 Ryan598
9/9/2019 4:53 AM

I have a pro circuit linkage and a spare rear wheel for sale that came off my 18.

$150 for linkage
$300 for wheel. Comes with 50 tooth sprocket, rotor, Michelin StarCross 5 with only 3 rides on it.

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Austin_Rankin Austin_Rankin
9/9/2019 5:11 AM
Hickory88 wrote:

So you just bought a new ...more


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Austin_Rankin Austin_Rankin
9/9/2019 5:14 AM

Thank you guys so much for the suggestions, im appreciate all.

i do mechanic work on the side for some locals in my area, and unfortunately have yet got to ride the bike i have been very busy with getting their stuff together that i cant even mess with my own.

Hopefully soon ill be able to, i am interested in the pro circuit link.

I bought a kyb rear shock for the bike. and the guy who sold it to me said to run the stock link. so idk.

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