Jeremy Albrecht and Coy Gibbs on JGR and Factory Suzuki in 2018 6

While in North Carolina for the 2018 RM-Z450 launch and first ride at the JGR MX facility, Suzuki sprung some news that we were expecting to JGR has been announced as the official factory 450 and 250 effort for the yellow machines heading forward. While we had a spare minute after the bike presentation, we snagged team manager Jeremy Albrecht and mast of all things JGR, Coy Gibbs, to chat about the opportunity.

Credit: Michael Lindsay

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I like Jeremy and glad for them. He's been in the game a long time. But also I dont think this would of happened of Pink did not decided to quit funding RCH.

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Great News!!! Now Hire Henry Miller to ride that beauty!!! That Young Man is LEGIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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